What makes a new home affordable?

First and foremost is one’s ability to financially afford the cost to build the home they need. Realizing the responsibly of home ownership without living beyond one’s means. Examining the complete cost of a home-building project knowing you can truly afford it.

Affordability is, of course, relative to your budget, and determining the safe amount of money you can spend and/or borrow.

Recognizing the total homebuilding project costs involves land purchase, followed by property development in preparation for house building to include: site clearing, driveway, septic, well, and utilities. The house itself is but one of many expenses in creating a home. Run the numbers and be realistic about what you truly can afford!

Typically we believe the affordable home should strive to meet the needs of people with modest incomes and/or small budgets.

Basic criteria for affordable home

Trying to design and build a small home that is attractive, has integrity, is healthy and energy efficient while remaining affordable is a challenge!

  • Keep the design small and simple
  • Source cost-effective materials
  • Manage labor costs / builder’s dedication
  • Few custom details / use standard manufactured components

Can a small ‘green’ home be affordable?

Yes! The big difference in green home cost is the insulated envelope, and the added materials and labor involved. There is no doubt that building an ‘affordable’ solar home is a challenge. The design premise has to be small and simple in plan and spatial organization. Only through simplicity can one hope to achieve any level of affordability.

One of the very best ways to have your home be environmentally friendly is owning a small house!