Working with a Designer to plan, and then build a new house provides the opportunity to bring to life the features you have dreamed of in a home. At Maine Sunworks, we will help you figure out how much house you need based on your family size and lifestyle. We will discuss your experiences of past homes to get a sense of what is important to you in your living space. Then we can develop an initial design idea and building concept.

We have provided an outline of our Home Design Process to give an idea of how we would work together. Designing a home from scratch is a collaborative process, and you, the homeowner, play an essential role.

To Get Started

LAND – Surveyed site plan

NEEDS – ‘List of needs’

COST – Initial construction budget

Stage 1

Schematics – Explore Ideas and Design Concepts


  • Discuss needs, past experiences, history of  ‘Home’
  • Create a design ‘program’
  • Develop initial design idea and building concept
  • Form initial floor plans, conceptual drawings and models


  • Develop a site plan
  • Review local ordinances and building codes
  • Perform a solar orientation and sun path analysis
  • Determine approach, driveway, utilities, water & waste for the site

Stage 2

Design Development


  • Determine home design concept
  • Produce detailed floor plans and elevations
  • Design interior sections, structural details, exterior details
  • Implement solar systems
  • 3-D modeling


  • Stake out building footprint

Stage 3

Working Drawings


  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Foundation Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Structural Sections
  • Exterior Perspective / 3-D Model
  • List of Material Schedule
  • Door and Window Schedule
  • Electric Plan / Utility Schematic
  • Kitchen & Bath Elevations

Design Fee and Contract

The design fee for the project is based on the following:

  • Size of the home
  • Drawing requirements
  • Estimated building cost

Typical design fee = 3-4% of the estimated construction cost.

We will enter into a written contract with a payment plan.

Additional design work and change orders will be billed at our current hourly rate.