Net-Zero home in Kennebunk, Maine with a 6 KW array

Net Zero House = Any house or building that produces, on site, as much energy as it consumes or uses on an annual basis. The most common form of energy generated is electricity, which typically is produced by an array of solar photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity. A modern miracle !!
Electrical energy generated = total building energy use.

Positive-Zero House = Any house or building that produces more energy that it uses, becoming an energy generator and feeding the grid.

In order to obtain net-zero status, typical design strategy includes careful review of total energy use and thorough design and planning to reduce all energy loads. All aspects of building energy needs should be minimized.

All Electric House – With the advent of cost-effective solar electric power and the recent developments of other electric systems and components such as: air to air heat pump, LED lighting, induction range cooking, the potential of having an all electric house is here! You can eliminate the high carbon emissions from the use of petroleum (natural gas, propane, oil) that contributes directly to global warming.